Sweet Cherry Publishing deal for Dave Spud

Sweet Cherry strikes Illuminated Film Company book deal to introduce the diverse yet united Spud family to publishing

Leicester-based indie publisher Sweet Cherry has secured the UK and Australian publishing rights to Illuminated Films’ The Rubbish World of Dave Spud.

From the creator and director Edward Foster, and Iain Harvey, producer of the long running series Little Princess at The Illuminated Film Company, the animation stars actor/comedian Johnny Vegas as the voice of Dave Spud and quickly became CITV’s third most-watched after-school show with over 226,000 viewers.

Iain Harvey, owner of The Illuminated Film Company said: ‘As I started out in publishing, it is fantastic to see the world of Dave Spud transformed from the screen to the book. We hope children (and not just children!) will be able to delve further into the many lives of the resourceful Spud family and friends.’

Sweet Cherry will publish an annual-format activity book that brings character profiles for the show’s resourceful main character and his chaotic array of comedy characters along with story spreads, silly pranks and fun games.

Neil Hardwick, Sweet Cherry’s Head of Design and Licensing, stated: ‘We are delighted to be adding the unlikely hero Dave Spud and his family to our publishing plan. Sweet Cherry values making reading fun for children and this license enables us to deliver its madcap adventures and silliness into our books.’

An Official Guide to… The Rubbish World of Dave Spud will be published in August 2020 as a must-have Christmas gift for fans of the show.